Saturday, February 27, 2010

LOWDA's new Magis

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No...that's not her name but its her nic name that suits her well. Laura Meichan is a loud one and the only thing to out do her voice is her legs on the bike. A mother of 3 and wife to 1, she has won State Crit and Time Trial championships as well as the yearly points competitions in road racing. For the 2009 season she retired (as in she only raced a handful of times) which gave her some time to do other run and learn to swim. What did she do with her new found skills? She did her first triathlon and was hooked on the sport. How did she do? She has won her age group or masters in each race she has entered. Not fair you say? No its not...especially since she was on a road bike! haha
Over time Laura was able to make her kids not have seconds and start hunting for their food so she could save money for a new TT bike for her new found sport! After some time she is on her new rig! A Guru Magis with some Sram and Shimano parts. Why the odd mix? Well she had it on her Guru Geneo and we decided to upgrade her Geneo with Sram Red and kick the other parts over to the TT bike. This bike is 16lbs as it sits. Is it fast? We will find out tomorrow morning as she takes her 3rd ride on it in the Frost Yer Fanny duathlon tomorrow morning. No test like race day! I can't wait to watch her kill it tomorrow.

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