Saturday, February 27, 2010


BR Time 004
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This is a typical Texas saying and a great motto in to mark this build. I have known this guy for years now and even been in some of the same races with him. Rich is a truck! What a motor...he gets on the front and just drills it. Loves the flat fast stuff which is what Texas riding/racing is all about. I have slowly sold him items for his old Cannondale to make it a little nicer and just loved coming by and hanging out from time to time...even though he races for another doors are open to all...and so is my cash register. haha He came in one day for some tubes and walked out shaking his head in wonderment on how he just got talked into buying the most expensive frame there is. Why? He loves red and they make one of the "reddest" bikes there is. This is not a custom frame so before I really let the sale go through I needed to make sure this thing would fit. So we took measurements and looked at the geometry of the Time and sure enough we had a winner. No...not we can "make" it fit like so many shops do to their customers, this bike will actually fit an XL size. Yup...Go big or go home! So now it was time to pick the parts. Well it comes with a stem and a bottle cage. Yeah...I know what you're thinking and I think it too. One cage? $6K and one freaking cage????? Ok...send me another one. hahahahaha Oh yeah and make the stem a 140mm and the limited edition red Time saddle. We went with Rotor SABB because it works well...and cause its anodized yeah it works. The Rotor 3D crank spins inside that ceramic bottom bracket and turns a set of FSA chainrings. Sram Red shifters, front and rear derailleurs. We also used the new Time I-Clic Titan pedals. The bars...are Deda Presa bars and we used Nokon cables and Zero Gravity GSL brakes...not only cause they are awesome...but because they are red and black of course. What to do for wheels? With an aero frame like this you need aero wheels. HED Jet 9 with a custom spoke lacing or added stiffness and responsiveness for this 200lbs Cat3. Now usually Heds come with white decals but I of course I get my customers what they want. So HED finally started cutting colored decals. Red Heds with red Schwalbe tires held onto the bike with anodized red skewers that weigh under 50grams. What does this huge bike weight? 16lbs and we were not even trying to get it light...we just wanted it with the strongest and stiffest components there are...and yeah...some of them happen to be light. So looks good...but we all have seen alot of nice bikes that don't always ride well. So on Friday night we molded up his new Bont A-One shoes (in red of course) and did the fit. Rich went out on his weekend of riding in prep for his race season and on Monday morning he gave me a call. I was slammed at the shop and couldn't answer the call so he left a message. Later I checked my VM and his first sentence made my heart drop! "Hey man there is a problem with this bike" then there was the longest 2 seconds ever in a voicemail till he followed up with a " its just too damn fast!" and a chuckle as he rambled on about this machine that he can't believe he owns. Once again....I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!

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