Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend of Kona chances/Guru Crono part deux

Sram Red rear D, Enduro Zero ceramic pulley wheels (just happened to be blue), KMC gold chain,

Rotor Agilis Cranks, Aero QRing, SABB ceramic bottom bracket

Featherweight Brakes with blue accents

HED Classic aerobars, Lizard Skins bartape.
This frame is 2 years old and is one of the most complimented bikes I have done

Shama goes international once again. Andrew Strong, freshly off of a Retul fit on his new Guru Merus is getting ready to race Ironman Brazil tomorrow morning. This is his first triathlon for 2009 and his first attempt at a Kona slot for the year. Either way...he is in Brazil...its all good no matter what.
Then in beautiful Hawaii racing the 70.3 in the morning is Lisa Tilton-McCarthy, Waly Yarrow, and Jeanna Abbott. Lisa has a great shot at getting a Kona slot here at this race. With her newly redone 15lbs Guru Crono she is ready to take that slot and come back again in October! Walt is out for a good time...though he is getting faster and faster and a Kona slot could also be in his future some day. I think Walt's victory will come in the form of just having a faster time than Lisa. ;-)
Jeanna will be doing her first Half Ironman. The girl who loves to train and hates to race will be doing her first half, no, not as her longest distance but as her shortest. Yes, you read that right. Her first triathlon was an Ironman, so was her second and her third. Maybe a bit backwards but it works for her. What happens if she finds out that 70.3 is not for her? She will have a great time anyway...she is in Hawaii for crying out loud and she is with two of the most fun people you can hang with for a race.
This is really what its all about for alot of triathletes. Training for that one great destination race and enjoying everything about it. I might have worked early or late on their bikes, spent hours dialing in their fits and helping pack it up and stressing over every component and keeping the bikes rolling through the 1000 of miles it takes to get to a race...but knowing that I helped get them to their race with the best possible equipment and position to help them get the most out of their day...its a great feeling. I will spend my Saturday morning and afternoon checking on line and waiting to see splits and final times and wait for a text or email about the day. I can't wait!!!!!

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