Thursday, May 7, 2009


Above is a pic of Brett Cole laying it down...nice top Brett. ;-)

Yes...even more racing in Houston!!!! Triathlon is the largest part of my business right now. I think triathletes are the ones who are more into buying every second they can...and they do!
CB&I is a sprint put on in the Woodlands and is a beautiful race. Though you would never notice it while racing and if you do you need to be going FASTER! haha
I had some athletes with some pretty good days.
Jacqueline went out there and nailed a solid second in her age group on her Guru Crono.
Ann Hughes put down the wood on her Guru Crono to tie for fastest bike in her group and rolled in 5th overall. Her T1 time was over a minute faster than the girls who came in ahead of her. All I can think that happened was she stopped to look at how pretty her bike was before getting on it. About the only draw back to having a beautiful custom Guru to race on. HAHAHAHA!
Brett Cole laid down a solid effort for 5th in his AG as well as 19th overall!
And finally my friend Mike Shearman decided to ride his Guru Ventus a couple days before the race and got a solid 20th in his very large very "seasoned" AG. (I hope Mike reads this)

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