Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gulf Coast Update

Details are foggy as the Snoop Dog concert only 30 minutes away from the race seemed to be the main focus for Greg being out there to race. Seems that needing to have time to put on his pimp hat for the concert that night did lead him to a Half Ironman distance Bike PR! Good Job Greg!

Trent Stephens' need for speed was there, though 10 minutes slower on the bike than last year, he was 5th Pro this year where as last year he was 8th. Wind seemed to be a big factor in some slower bike splits this year but Trent sealed the deal with a strong run. Good thing too, he will need his winnings to finally buy his wife some flowers on the side of the road for Mother's Day.
Who says you should not try something new on race day???

Also, a friend of mine, John Robertson had a great race out there. After quite a few injuries over the past couple of seasons it seems he is finally back and not only completed the race but killed it! Top 5 overall. Congratulations John!

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