Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where the magic happens....

(above)Getting the Crono race ready for the TT in the stage race this weekend.
(below) Geneo, aka Ruby; getting a BB30 mod for the Lightning cranks.
I think one of the most important aspects of a custom bike shop is the area where these machines are actually built. Shama Cycles is roughly 1900sq ft of which 500sq ft is dedicated service area. That might not sound like allot of space, but there is not 4 mechanics in that same area. Just one, maybe two working on one of two stands at a time with ample workspace to be able to assemble and modify all the parts installed on the frames. See these rigs just don't slap together like most bikes. Components are tuned, prepped, and installed with precision and patience. Appreciation that each bicycle is assembled as perfect as possible. Also this much space is needed to give the bikes waiting to be worked on or already done space to be apart and not touching the other bikes. No one wants to pick up their bike from service with a new ding or scratch on it cause some kids mountain bike with a broken kickstand fell over on it. Every rig is treated better than if it were our own. This is what allows us to produce the works of art that roll on Texas roads. The show room is small and simple yet the service area and the fitting room dominate the space they deserve.
AHHH....this is the real deal one of my proudest compliments to Shama Cycles. Refreshments for myself, friends, and clients. Not the best clarity from my camera phone, but the Fiji is for the clients paying my bills. So to my team mates and friends who see that I am stocking Fiji in the fridge...forget you ever saw that! haha Also for those worried about the beer, long nights, and me working on your precious machines...I don't really drink and I can't stand beer. So no worries there. ;-)

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