Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guru Ventus for New Orleans 70.3

The little touch I do on most rigs. Nokons on the rear D cable. One, it looks PIMP!!! Oh yeah and it allows for a nice tight rear cable loop.

Another touch, the Shama Cycles Stem Cap in blue to match the blue accents in the paint, the blue Jagwire cables, blue Michelin Pro Race 3 tires.

Above is Tom's bike ready to go race NewOrleans 70.3
Below is the range that custom bikes can be. The pink Guru Merus is being built for a woman who is under 5ft while the Guru Ventus it leans against is for a man who is 6ft7in. AHHH...the beauty of custom.
Once again, another fine creation rolls out of Shama Cycles that will help a lucky age grouper in his seasons to come. Tom happens to live in New Orleans and will be racing the 70.3 there this spring...after he completes his 50miler that is coming up. Why custom for Tom? As tall as he is, he has very long legs and not much of a torso, not a typical male body type. Plus he is, well lets just say a masters racer and does not want to have to get a massage after every bike ride. The fitting, as with most all custom bikes, went fast. Not much to have to tweak when its right the first time. LOVE IT! I think we spent more time picking out the build on this bike than we did the fitting. Sram Force all the way around, though we did choose Ceramic Bearings in the bottom bracket for a smoother roll in the cranks which have Look Keo Carbon pedals attached to them for the best power transfer from those long legs. Tom also wanted to go with a set of wheels that are durable for the oh so smooth Louisiana roads in training and racing. We chose the Easton EA90 Aero wheels. The front end is one of my favs, Syntace base bar and Vision Tech Rbend carbon clip ons. The saddle is a Selle SMP Glider. Kinda crazy to look at but oh so comfortable. I have the Glider on all my bikes. I am happy with these saddles as a saddle can make or break a ride. SMP seems to have it down with the widest range of sizes over any other brand of saddles...not to mention color options! Mounted onto the rear of the saddle is the XLAB Carbon Wing with two Gorilla cages and a matching Gorilla cage on the seat tube. The Ventus is about as ready for the photographers at the races as a bike can be...I just hope Tom remembers to look up and smile as he flys by them on his way to killing his age group!

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