Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pimpin out a Specialized

Being able to work on new bikes is fun, but being able to take an old bike and make it special for the one who rides it, as well as fit better which totally changes their own riding experience to feel good and ride stronger, well that is a great day.
My friend David Howell brought me his bike in for some pimpin but as we began to talk and I looked at his bike I knew his fitting had to be off.
So I did my think with the Nokon cables using black and white bits to clean up the cables and smooth out the shifting. Also changed on this bike is the FSA KWing carbon bars and KForce carbon stem. From there we checked the fitting. Sure enough he was off and after some measurements while spinning on the Computrainer we found some changes to be made and adjusted accordingly. Now the fun part of my job. A message on Saturday afternoon saying how for the first time the bike felt like apart of him and just the amazing riding experience that it was and how nothing hurt. Nothing makes me happier...

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