Monday, September 14, 2009

testing is subjective...RESULTS don't lie

Fred Johnson running into T1

Trent running into that finish chute...

Hardware from Summertime Blues, missed a couple for the shot but you get the point. Oh yeah by hardware I mean awards...not my neck brace. hahaha

Trent running out of T1 on his 4th Guru from me in 3 years...LOVE THAT GUY!

Rich Cairns on his way to a 2:13 oly in New York in the rain...FAST!!!!!

So every one wants to see numbers. So and so (who always wins) won on this so on. I do things differently, I offer something different. I don't offer what other people say you should ride...I offer what will work for YOU. Everyone is different and so should their bikes and gear. One thing should remain the same...results. I work very hard with each client to do all I can to help them reach thier goals...and occasionally they realize potential they never knew they had. Richard Cairns is one such story...I met 3 years ago at a previous store I used to work at. I sold him a road bike so he could start getting into triathlons. He did a couple sprints, had fun with having a swimmers background, yet as with everyone, sometimes life gets in the way. Some time off and some time later we reconnect in the start of my adventure into the unknown and on my own. One of the early bikes sold I got Rich started off on pretty much a dream bike. From there he started training and racing again with great success. Then came Tejas where he won his AG and a second off of Masters. With fire in his eyes and the taste on this lips the pain came. Nautica NYC Tri the guy was a killer and then in a little local sprint tri with some great local names he was racing his friend who beat him at Tejas. Summertime Blues Tri became a race for two guys, both on Guru Cronos, both coached by the same coach, both set a Master's Record for the race with Rich coming in 2nd overall and Brett Cole 3rd overall. This time though...Rich had his Master's win and Brett had to take the AG W. Later that day I got a text from Rich thanking me for the help down this road to glory. This is why I do what I do...knowing that what I do makes a difference in this sport we all what ever level we all love it.
Here are some of the results from races of recent. I am sure I am missing some but I think you get the point. Custom bikes work, fitting is a must, and that with the right can buy speed!

Ironman Canada
Andrew Strong 9:55:44 with a 5:09:09 bike split on a Guru Merus. 3rd in AG and 58th overall. Kona here we come
Trent Stephens 10:14:24 Guru Crono 108 OA and 29th in the PRO ranks.
Walt Yarrow 12:01:31 Guru Crono 1st Ironman,
Lisa Tilton McCarthy 12:23:16 Guru Merus
Debbie Harrison 15:22:52 Guru TriLite
Tessie Jackson Phillips 16:35:09 Guru TriLite

Nautica NYC Tri
Richard Carins 2:13:08 Guru Crono
6th in AG out of 396 in AG. PR

Chicago Tri
Mike Shearman 2:40:22 Guru Ventus
Teresa Demetriou 2:51:31 Guru Magis, 9th in AG first race on the bike and a PR

Bridgeland Tri
Laura Meichan 1:21:38 Master's Female winner, first triathlon ever, Guru Geneo
Melanie Sun 1:17:49 Guru Magis 2nd in AG and 2nd fastest bike split of the women
Brett Cole 1:10:20 Guru Crono 3rd in AG 10th overall
Greg Witherow 1:19:53 Guru Merus hot off of IMCDA
Greg Colvin 1:14:22 recent Retul fitting and upgrades, 5th in AG fastest bike split in AG 2nd fastest OA.
Collen West 1:31:09 Guru Praemio 6th in AG

Clearlake Tri
Trent Stephens 1:15:17 OVERALL WINNER Crono
Laura Meichan 1:28:24 1st in AG 25.7mph av, fastest femail bike split in entire race Geneo
Melanie Sun 2:35:11 2nd in AG fastest bikesplit in AG Magis
Jacqueline Fein 3:09:11 2nd in AG
John Caffey 2:13:40 1st in AG 4th overall, recent Retul fitting with upgrades
Jon English 2:18:14 3rd in AG recent Retul Fitting and upgrades
Brett Cole 2:14:58 1st in AG Guru Crono
Greg Colvin 2:23:53 1st in Clydsdale Masters with the fastest bike split of the entire race 25.7mph

Summertime Blues Tri
Richard Cairns 1:06:38 Masters Overall, 2nd Overall, new Masters record. Crono
Brett Cole 1:07:14 1st in AG 3rd Overall Crono
Trent Stephens 1:08:22 2nd in AG 5th overall Merus (first ride on that bike was race morning haha)
Debbie Demeo 1:16:15 1st in AG and 2nd female overall, recent Retul fitting and upgrades
Dave Depinet 1:11:59 1st in AG Guru Crono
Fred Johnson 1:12:18 2nd in AG Guru Crono
Nigel Willerton 1:12:49 3rd in AG recent Retul Fitting and upgrades

East Side Tri
Trent Stephens OVERALL WIN on his Guru Merus (finally dialed in 7days after last weeks tri)
Fred Johnson 3rd in AG Guru Crono
Melanie Sun AG winner! Guru Magis

Ironman Wisconsin
Greg Colvin 12:19 and 250 places higher than IMCDA post Retul fitting and upgrades...

Chappell Hill Road Race
Stephanie Page 2nd Cat4 women
Bill Krause 3rd Cat 4 men

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