Friday, July 31, 2009

Gurus, Happy Hour and child labor...oh my

The fridge pre Happy Hour!

Melanie in for her prefit. measuring steerer tube an aero bar extension length. This allows for perfect cable runs and such in the build process.

The Canadian Express! Dacree helping dad...carry a frame to the car...

Finished with race wheels
Finished with training wheels

So Monday I decided to have a last minute happy hour. I found myself with more beer in the fridge at the shop than water, sodas, and sports drinks. I don't really drink some time to unload and have the first happy hour at Shama Cycles. Having about 15 people through the shop was awesome and everyone just kinda hung out. Though Greg and a couple others got stuck turning wrenches. I also learned something new that evening. Papa John's had $5 pizzas if you pick them up. We went through 4 that night. Fun times and I had plenty of requests to do it again so I shall. Once a month for now.
This week was exceptionally busy with Retul fits and consultations. Not to mention being able to receive and deliver a customer's bike this week. Guru knocked out a full custom carbon Magis tri frame in like 3 weeks. AMAZING! I got the bike in Wednesday, did a pre fitting yesterday and I built it last night and today. She came by this afternoon to get her Retul fit done on her completed race rig. The bike fit was pretty easy, some tweaks here and there and checking her knee tracking and such with the Retul and she was ready to try it outside. This is the part I love the most. Watching them ride away from me down the strip and then as they hit the brakes and slowly turn around I see it...the huge silly grin of just sheer delight. The kinda grin you get from being told that eating ice cream will help you loose weight or something like that. I saw the cheesy smile as she rode back towards me and as I admired my work in action! Days like today... work hard for these days and love every second of them when they come.

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