Monday, May 17, 2010

Shama Cycles Open House

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Its been over a year since I opened the shop and never got around to having a grand opening. First, there was not much to see. Now that there is something to see and I like things low key and no pressure I decided throw an open house. Just all my friends/clients who helped get me here and of to all those who have not yet made it by. It was great, lots of friends and got to meet some new ones as well. Just what it should be...a great time for all. Oh yeah, there were some new toys to look at, several sub 14lbs bikes, Dream Bike of the Year Guru Photon and the runner up bike by Kirklee...the actual bike they tested for it...sitting in my shop! AWESOME! Also I was lucky enough to get in my Guru 2.0 to display and make some people drool...and make some try to figure out how they are going to approach their wife about NEEDING another bike! haha What was funnier yet was some of the responses I got from those who couldn't make it. One of my girls that race for me explained how her financial adviser called and prohibited her from coming. LMAO that was a good one!
Till the next excuse for a party....

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